Budget and cash flow

The mission of the treasury is to manage the financial activities of the City of Percé while respecting the orientations of the municipal council in a context of equity and transparency, and this, in accordance with the laws and regulations.

In addition to providing technical support to the municipal council and general management in financial matters, the members of the treasury team also provide financial information to the various municipal services for the realization of their respective projects. The most important specific activities of this service are:

  • Preparation of the annual budget and financial statements;
  • Budget control and royalty mechanisms;
  • Permanent financing of loan by-laws and municipal debt control;
  • The issuance and collection of property taxes and duties on real estate transfers;
  • Invoicing and collection of other income (leases, rentals and other rights of use);
  • Payment to suppliers.

Contact details :

Caroline Dégarie
Telephone: 418-782-2933 ext 9-2007

Treasury and Registry Assistant:
Melanie Loubert
Telephone: 418-782-2933 ext: 9-2002