Regulatory fee to finance tourist infrastructure.

During the regular meeting of September 28, 2021, the municipal council of the City of Percé adopted By-law number 575-2021 imposing a regulatory fee to help finance municipal tourist infrastructure. This by-law provides for a new fee that will be payable by people who visit Percé as of April 1, 2022. This royalty will be used exclusively to finance the city’s tourist infrastructure, such as boardwalks, parks, municipal rest areas and trails.

By-law number 575-2021 | Imposing a regulatory fee to help finance municipal tourism infrastructure.

The City receives more than 500,000 visitors annually. In order to be able to accommodate them, the City must invest significant amounts in its tourist infrastructure. However, the City does not receive any income from its tourist infrastructures. It is therefore the 3,000 owners of evaluation units in Percé who finance them through their taxes. By imposing a regulatory fee on the supply of certain goods and services, the City wishes to involve its visitors in order to offer them quality tourist services and infrastructure. This measure is also part of the City’s desire to reduce the tax burden on its citizens.

Only people who visit Percé will be required to pay the fee. Residents and owners of the City will be exempt, upon presentation of the bciti + Percé citizen card .

The royalty will be an amount added to the price of certain goods and services. This royalty, in the amount of $ 1.00, for any transaction over $ 20.00, will allow the City to provide its visitors with a quality tourist experience.

The following goods and services will be affected by the royalty:

  • Tourist accommodation;
  • Recreational tourism services;
  • Catering and food preparation;
  • Memories;
  • Art and Crafts;
  • Sporting and outdoor articles;
  • Clothing articles and accessories.

No royalties will be required on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and non-taxable goods and services.

The merchants will act as the Town’s agent and will be responsible for collecting the levy.

The draft regulation provides for the creation of a fund exclusively intended to receive the income generated by the license fee. This fund must be used exclusively to finance the construction, development, maintenance, management and operation of municipal tourist infrastructure, that is to say:

  • parks, boardwalks, trails, beaches;
  • the tourist reception office, tourist buildings;
  • parking areas, camping areas;
  • marinas, docks, municipal halts.

The tax is an important and strategic means of financing that the City wishes to adopt to ensure the sustainability and quality of its tourist infrastructures.

The draft regulation provides for the appointment of an external and independent auditor who will have the mandate to verify that the revenues produced by the levy are used exclusively to finance municipal tourism infrastructure. Each year, he must produce a report which will be made public on the City’s website. Also, in order to ensure planning in the financing of tourist infrastructures, the municipal council will have to adopt an investment strategy for the entire territory. These control mechanisms aim to ensure sound management of the income generated by the license fee.

For any additional information, you can contact the Legal Department of the City of Percé, by email , or by phone at 418-782-2933, extension 9-2000.