From May 31, the Ministry of Transport will undertake a major intervention in the Aurora Peak area in order to stabilize the retaining wall that supports the road there. The planned duration of this work is three years, with interruptions during the winter season. The work consists of constructing a riprap approximately 60 meters high, which will rest at the foot of the embankment and will be erected up to the level of Route 132. Large off-road trucks will be used on the job site.

Truck traffic on Route 132
The setting in stone requires tons of stones of different calibers that will be extracted from quarries around Percé, including that of the Emerald River. The stones will be transported by heavy vehicles to the Pic-de-l’Aurore rest area, which will cause a lot of back and forth in your area and could cause some inconvenience, including noise.

Alternating circulation with short-term closures
In the area of ​​Route 132 where the work is being done, the road will remain open with alternating traffic at all times. Frequent, but short-lived, closures will take place when the site is in operation to allow off-road trucks access to the path leading to the foot of the embankment.

These works may be modified due to operational constraints or weather conditions. Consult Québec 511 regularly by phone or on the Internet to follow the progress of this project.

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