Real estate valuation role and graphic matrix

In order to improve the service offered to citizens and real estate professionals, the graphic matrix and certain data from the assessment roll are now available on the Web.

At any time, you can consult the property assessment roll . You just need to have one of the following information on hand:

  • the address of the building
  • the cadastre number of the property
  • the building registration number

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to access the GoAzimut platform.

Tax confirmation and matrix for professionals

(notaries, financial institutions, real estate agents, appraisers, etc.)

Online consultation is not sufficient and you still have to ask us for a confirmation of valuation and taxes for a property located on the territory of the city of Percé?

Please send us your request:

Note that a fee of $ 10 is applicable for any request for confirmation of evaluation and taxes. These fees must be paid by check made out to the City of Percé.