Financial assistance program (support for events and culture)

Financial aid request for event support

In its desire to invest even more in events and culture through its budget devoted to cultural policy and support for events, the City of Percé has adopted a form intended for promoters and organizers. who wish to submit a request for financial and / or logistical support to the municipality for the organization of an event or a cultural activity.

The purpose of this new procedure is to ensure that we have all the relevant and necessary information for a fair and informed analysis of the requests submitted to us annually.

Our intention is also to ensure that the cultural events or activities supported by this municipal fund fit, not exclusively, but as much as possible, with the strategic vision of the municipality. The various criteria have also been developed taking into account the major themes underlying this vision of the City of Percé, particularly in terms of sustainable development, innovation, use of local resources, distribution of events and activities throughout the territory in all seasons to promote economic activity throughout the year.

The City of Percé wishes to support and encourage the holding and attendance of events and cultural activities of local, national and international scope on its territory. These events and activities contribute to the influence and economic development of our region, they energize and beautify our living environment for the greatest pleasure of our citizens and our visitors.

We thank you in advance for your creativity and initiative to contribute to the dynamism and vitality of our municipality.


The purpose of this financial assistance is to support organizations in carrying out events and activities of a cultural, tourist, sports or leisure nature that have concrete benefits for the community and for the quality of life of the population of Percé.

The allocation of this financial assistance is intended to be ad hoc and non-recurring.

Eligible organizations

Non-profit organizations, socio-economic, sports, cultural, community and outdoor organizations are eligible.

Eligible events

The planned event must meet the following criteria:

  • Be on the territory of the City of Percé;
  • Register in the fields of municipal competence (leisure, art and culture, sport and community);
  • Fit in with the organization’s mission and competence.

Intervention priorities

Please note that in the process of evaluating your request, the committee will take into consideration the fact that your project meets some of the municipal intervention priorities listed below:

  • Eco-awareness and sustainable development;
  • Positive impact on the cultural, sporting, recreational and community life of the citizens of Percé;
  • Strengthening the four-season economy;
  • Development of the resources present in the territory;
  • Distribution of activities on the territory of Grand Percé;
  • Innovation, novelty and new technologies.