Public works department

The road service takes care of the general maintenance of all municipal infrastructures on our territory. His job is to keep the City’s 110 km of roads in good condition, clean and safe. In winter, the Service also ensures that snow removal, de-icing and street sanding are carried out adequately for the safety of users.

Snow removal in the City of Percé is carried out by the public works department.

The City of Percé would like to remind its population that it is forbidden to deposit snow or ice on public roads. To this end, article 20.2 of By-law No. 461-2013 relating to nuisances states that it is forbidden to “deposit snow, dirty water, ice or any other matter or any other material in the streets, roads, paths. , boulevards and public places of the municipality, as well as on the standpipes ”. Anyone who contravenes this section commits an offense and is liable to a fine of $ 100 to $ 300 and costs.


By-law number 466-2013 relating to parking, stipulates that it is forbidden to park or immobilize a road vehicle on a public road between 11:59 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. from November 15 to April 1 inclusive, on all the territory of the municipality.