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Why choose Percé?

Percé is a must-see tourist destination. It is an exceptional living environment with an area of 550 km², with a little over 3000 inhabitants, open to the sea and to the world. Its breathtaking landscapes have enabled it to rank second in the Top 5 of the most beautiful villages in Quebec , without forgetting that according to the Léger Survey: the cities of Quebec where life is good are in the Gaspé –Îles-de-la-Madeleine that Quebeckers are the happiest. The coastal region ranks in the lead, with a Leger Happiness Index (IBL) of 75.10.

The City of Percé offers its employees a stimulating work environment, in a context of continuous improvement, strong values of eco-responsibility and sustainable development for future generations. By working for the City of Percé, you will join a diverse municipal team of nearly 70 employees, determined to improve service to citizens and the community, in a dynamic and stimulating work environment.

Percé is also … Stimulating and innovative projects

  • The eco-conscious commercial street, which will be made of asphalt mixed with recycled plastic, the formula of which is under research and development;
  • The school of permaculture and innovative agriculture;
  • The Emerald River municipal park;
  • Management and innovation practices implemented for municipal road infrastructures.

Positions currently offered

When jobs are offered at the City of Percé, the offers are posted below.

Become a firefighter or volunteer firefighter

Volunteer firefighters are an important part of the City of Percé’s fire department team. As a firefighter or volunteer firefighter, you will frequently respond to emergencies, such as fighting fires, performing extrication during road vehicle accidents, acting as a first aid worker by intervening in disasters of all kinds throughout the territory. served by the Fire Safety Service of the city of Percé.

The City of Percé regularly hires part-time volunteer firefighters to expand the teams of its three (3) barracks, namely Percé, Cap d’Espoir and Barachois. If you are in good physical shape, you would like to help people and be part of a good team, then you might be an ideal candidate for the role of volunteer firefighter for the service. fire safety department of the City of Percé.

You do not yet have the certifications?

  • While meeting certain basic conditions, candidates must undertake to follow and successfully pass the Firefighter 1 training program of the National School of Firefighters of Quebec (ENPQ) which is carried out at your own pace via the Internet and which is paired with barracks practices. This basic training will allow you to fight fires and respond to various emergency calls.
  • The City covers all costs related to theoretical and practical training, including remuneration at an hourly rate. In addition, the City pays you hourly compensation for each intervention.

You will need to commit to:

  • If you do not have a valid Class 4A driver’s license, we will require you to obtain it within 6 months of your date of hire.
  • Level of education required by the fire department of the City of Percé – secondary III or equivalent.
  • You will have to pass the physical course established by the fire safety service of the City of Percé, in less than 8 minutes.
  • You must pass a full medical examination before being interviewed.
  • You must reside in the city of Percé.

How to apply?

Anyone interested, believing they have the necessary qualities and availability, are invited to contact the director of the fire department of the city of Percé, Mr. Luc Lebreux, by phone at 418-385-2239 or by email at ssi @ ville.

First responders are often the first people to arrive on the scene during an emergency call. They work closely with the paramedics. Together, they help reduce deaths and the consequences of serious accident victims.

Would you like to be part of the first responder team for the City of Percé?

For all information, please contact Gemma Vibert, city clerk, at 581-353-2003 or by email at the following address:

Bank of spontaneous applications

Would you like to subscribe to our bank of unsolicited applications?

Send us your curriculum vitae by email to , clearly indicating “Bank of spontaneous applications” in the header of the message.

It is important to tell us in which of the departments below you would like to apply:

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Public works
  • Town planning
  • Tourism

It should be noted that you must still apply for a competition, when the position interests you. Our bank of unsolicited applications is mainly used for temporary replacements. Resumes are kept for a period of one year.

Are you motivated and want to work in a stimulating work environment? Each summer, the City of Percé offers several jobs to high school, college and university students. There are two types of positions: jobs related to tourism and jobs related to the planning department. Here are the contact details to send your application.

Tourism :
Receptionist and tourist information
Percé tourist welcome office
142, route 132 Ouest, Percé (Quebec) G0C 2L0
Director: Marie Leblanc

Town planning:
Day laborer / supervisor or receptionist / supervisor
Emerald River Park (Bridgeville, Percé sector)
Director: Ghislain Pitre

Recruitment period ended

The recruitment period for the summer of 2021 is now over. For any questions, and / or to apply for the next year, please contact the resource persons above.