Logo and coat of arms of the City of Percé


Offering a font that evokes both the past, the logo is firmly anchored in the present through its boldness and uniqueness. Solid, lively and warm, this typography refers to the past, present and future of the municipality. The graphic play of R and C illustrates the wave of the sea as much as the bond and the benevolence that exist between the communities and between all the citizens of Grand Percé. The birds, in their flight and illustrated in the colors of the environment of Grand Percé, are key symbols of the territory, representing the dynamism, leadership and vision for the future carried by the City. Revolving around a rock that is both central and yet to be discovered, this logo is intended to convey the existing Percean culture and to be created around and beyond this emblem.

Would you like to know more about the creative process of our new logo? We invite you to consult the summary document relating to the process of creating the brand image of the City of Percé, which you will find below.
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Coat of arms

In 1994, the city council mandated a committee to work with the Canadian Heraldic Authority to endow the City of Percé with an official coat of arms.

The raison d’être of the coat of arms being to serve as a mark of identity, it was very important to define its content and form by choosing the most representative symbols of the life of our community while respecting the strict rules of the ‘heraldry. Our work was also guided by the desire to obtain unique, distinctive, original, simple, artistic and aesthetic coats of arms.

More than three years of discussions and exchanges were necessary to arrive at a result meeting the expectations of the City and the requirements of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

This long process came to an end on September 16, 1998 when His Excellency the Right Honorable Roméo Leblanc, then Governor General of Canada, officially presented the duly homologated coat of arms of the City of Percé.

As Mr. Leblanc mentioned, whether in Gaspé, Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, or anywhere in the world, our coat of arms will henceforth symbolize Percé’s good worldwide reputation.

The motto chosen by the city ” VAILLANCE ET PERSEVERANCE ” derives its justification, among others, from:

  • the courage and perseverance of the explorers who discovered this part of the country;
  • the courage and perseverance of the pioneers, the first inhabitants and the craftsmen of the sea;
  • the courage and perseverance of the many associations, companies and communities which have devoted their energy and knowledge to the development of the city;
  • the courage and daily perseverance of the people and citizens who still work today for the progress of Percé;
  • the courage and perseverance required, here, more and more, for the accomplishment of daily tasks in often very difficult conditions;
  • courage and perseverance like those of the Northern Gannet who, tirelessly, from migration to migration, consolidates and restores its nesting area.