Obtain authorization from MCC

To meet its protection objectives, the Ministry of Culture and Communications (MCC) is joining forces with the City of Percé to ensure the supervision of the development of the territory according to the landscape and the built environment. Thus, according to the law on cultural heritage , to carry out any construction, modification or repair whatsoever on a building, display or land located on the territory of the Heritage Site of Percé , any owner must obtain, in addition to the permit municipal , authorization from MCC.

In the heritage site of percé, an authorization from the MCC is required to:

  • to divide, subdivide, re-divide or parcel out land;
  • modify the layout or layout of a building;
  • repair or modify the exterior appearance of a building;
  • demolish, in whole or in part, a building;
  • erect a new construction;
  • excavate the ground, even inside a building;
  • install a new display;
  • modify, replace or demolish a sign.
(LPC, articles 64 and 65):

How to obtain an authorization? — 4 Easy Steps!


Make an appointment with the building inspector of the City of Percé or contact by email

Tel: 418-782-2933 ext 9-2009 Email: inspection@ville.perce.qc.ca To speed up the processing of your file, make sure you have:

  • the coordinates of the building
  • a brief description of the work (e.g. dimensions of an extension, choice of materials, demolition to plan, planned location, etc.)
  • photos of the property and its surroundings where the work is planned.

These documents can be sent by email in advance to speed up the processing of your file. Note that if your file requires it, the building inspector may require additional documents to ensure the project’s compliance: architectural plans, certificate of location, site plan, professional expertise, etc.


Analysis of the file by the URBAN PLANNING Department

The Service first ensures that the request complies with municipal regulations. Depending on the size of the project, this step may take some time. Make sure to submit a complete file to speed up the processing of it. Do not hesitate to ask for the assistance of the home inspector to help you in your preparation.


Sending the request to the MCC

Once your application is complete and complies with municipal regulations, the building inspector will ask you to sign the form and send it to the Ministry of Culture and Communications (MCC). Note that the analysis of your file at the MCC may require more than a month of processing. Make sure to submit your application well in advance of the scheduled date of the work.


Authorization and permit in hand: the work begins!

The MCC’s authorization will be sent to the City. The building inspector will summon you to give you the two documents: the ministerial authorization and the municipal permit.

With these two documents in hand, you are ready to start your work!
Note that a fee is required for the municipal permit, but not for the ministerial authorization.

Tools to help you

The City of Percé provides you with 5 intervention criteria sheets that will be used to analyze your project with a view to issuing your work authorization. Do not hesitate to consult them in order to prepare your project!

Note that these intervention criteria sheets are in a trial period and are subject to modifications.
Physical intervention guides are also at your disposal to enlighten you on the ways of intervening on heritage buildings.

To obtain a paper format of these sheets, contact the building inspector.